English Release Canceled

Hi everyone!

The English release of this game was canceled. The original Brazilian Portuguese release will be maintained.

If you participated in the crowdfunding expecting the English version, you can either choose to:

  1. Receive your money back;
  2. Receive one free Steam Key of each CleanWaterSoft game released to date (with DLCs included);
    1. Porradaria Upgrade
    2. Porradaria 2: Pagode of the Night
    3. Porradaria 2 Vladmirson DLC
  3. Keep your crowdfund donation, receive the full game and the Top 10 Backers bonus (if applicable).

Please, contact me in this post or any other preferred means by you if that's the case.
The email contact@cleanwatersoft.com is not receiving any emails due to some technical reasons (I'm already taking provisions to solve it with the server host).

All I need to know is the email you used for the Paypal payment to confirm the validity of the request.

Thanks for your ever support, my work is for you!

Kind regards,
The Developer

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